Identify Your Customers

We start by asking four key questions:

Who are you customers ? Break your target customer in clear sub groups starting with age range, income and location.

What needs do they have?  Are you selling to a niche market or does it have a wide audience.  What special needs do your customers have that you can fulfill?

Who are your competition? Who else serves the same customers as you and how can you make your service/product better than theirs.

What media do your customers use? How do you customers currently find similar products.

Develop A Clear Brand Proposition And Identity

 Working with our clients we help them develop a  ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ or USP.  Ensuring we understand your customers needs and that your products or services stand apart from the competition. From here we develop a strong brand identity that  clearly appeals to your target audience.

Ensure Your Brand Is Consistent Across All Consumer Touch-Points

We work closely with all our clients to ensure your brand has a consistent look and feel wherever your customers comes into contact with it.  Whether it be web, print, packaging or store all consumer  ‘touch-points’ must express the same brand values. We help our client to set clear guidelines and simple controls to easily managed and control this process.

Create An Ongoing Dialogue With Your Customers

Every sale provides an opportunity to open a dialogue with your customers. Information that is relevant and timely will be viewed positively by your customers whilst bombarding them with offers and emails will not and can have a negative effect on your both brand and sales. We work with our clients to develop clear and effective strategies that  increase and maintain customers offering training on data analysis from web traffic. social media and mobile.

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